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Quotes About Jeannie & Jimmy Cheatham And

The Sweet Baby Blues Band

The Band Has Been Recognized By Many Noted Jazz Critics!

Leonard Feather, L.A. Times: 

“…distilling enough dirty, greasy, nasty, funky blues to take us back to Kansas City with their speakeasy beat.”


Jon Pareles, N.Y. Times:

“Mrs. Cheatham plinks out easygoing Count Basie-style piano parts and sings in a wry velvety alto over the band’s plush horn arrangements. She can caress the lines of a ballad, toy with the rhythm of an uptempo song and turn a phrase into a series of curves and quasi yodels.”


Chris Yates, Jazz News International: 

“Those (like me) who find the confluence of jazz and blues one of the most interesting aspects of the music will find this album ("Back To The Neighborhood") especially rewarding…by jazz or blues standards, the music simply superb.”


Scott Yanow, Cadence:

“The Cheathams’ Sweet Baby Blues Band has no real competition today in the field of Kansas City style blues and swing.”


Lloyd Sachs, Chicago Sun-Times:

“With Ms. Cheatham’s gritty singing and crisply efficient piano playing leading the way, the music is as honest and direct as it is colorful and winning.”


Joseph Blake, Victoria, B.C. Times-Colonist

“This is good-time roots music. Enjoy.”


The Gavin Report, Radio Publication:

Back To The ‘Hood puts some necessary humor and novelty into Jazz Radio.”


Lee Jeske, N.Y. Post:

“…loose, limber and saucy.”


The Hollywood Reporter:

“They play music that makes for fine nighttime listening, the kind of music that erases sweat or any problems from the day, music to soothe you after a domestic hassle - you can’t stay mad while listening to Jeannie’s boogie-woogie.”


Philip Elwood, S.F. Examiner:

“…the ebullient Jeannie and Jimmy Cheatham and their Sweet Baby Blues Band…wonderful blues and jazz sounds…absolutely marvelous.”


George Varga, San Diego Union:

“…timeless blues and jazz that should be welcomed with open arms and tapping feet in communities everywhere.”

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